Mehnaz Fatima Educational and Welfare Organization Representatives met with Deputy Speaker GBLA.

  Meeting with Deputy Speaker GBL Assembly. The delegation on behalf of  Mehnaz Fatima Educational Welfare Organization in the supervision of Mr. Ghulam Abbas Management Consultant MFEWO with other responsible team members Mr. Amanullah CICD Coordinator and Mr.Khadim Ali Hassan Consultant PHYSIO Initiated exploratory meeting with legislative council through Deputy Speaker for Inclusion of differently […]

مہناز فاطمہ مونٹیسوری اینڈ انکلوسیو ایجوکیشن سینٹر کے طُلبا ء کا شاندار اعزاز!

حمیزالدین، تحمینہ اور محترمہ آمینہ پروین  (انسٹرکٹر فیزکلایجوکیشن) ایک سال کی بھر پور محنت کے بعدبین ا لااقوامی سپیشل اولمپک کے سکی    مقابلوں کے لیے    سپیشل اولمپک پاکستان کی جانب سے منتخب!!!!!! مہناز فاطمہ مونٹیسوری اینڈ انکلوسیو ایجوکیشن سنٹر    کے یہ ہونہار طلباء مارچ میں آسٹریا  میں اپنی صلاحیت کا لوہا منواینگے ا ور گلگت  […]

Rehabilitation services!

Mehnaz Fatima has started rehabilitation services in evening shift of school for all children including inclusive to develop their hidden potentials. Well known artist from “HunarKadah” Islamabad, Mr. Deedar Ali Khan is taking art classes. A famous artist of Gilgit Art Council and one of the talented Keyboard players of Gilgit Baltistan Mr. Amin Khan is taking […]

Orientation Session for Parents!

Mehnaz Fatima Montessori and Inclusive Education Centerarranged orientation session for parents of newly admitted children on February, Saturday 18, 2017. Objectives of the session remained; To introduce parents about activities of the MFEWO( focusing MFM&IEC) To introduce parents about inclusive education To inform parents about the importance of parental involvement in child’s development To inform […]

Thank you Friends Club members!

Mehnaz Fatima Educational and welfare organization extends its gratitude towards the members; Dr.Shams Ur Rahman for Maths, Mr. Ijlal Hussain for Physics, Mr. Muhammad Ali for Economics, Mr. Maqsood for Economics, Mr. Ijlal Hussain and Ms.Filza Liaqat for Pak. Studies/IR of Friends Club for supporting the recruitment process of teachings staff. Friends club members helped […]