Statement from Patrons, Azizali and Sakin Mohammed


The arrival of our last-born child, Mehnaz Fatima, as a handicapped person into our family set us thinking whether in the Divine design, there was a purpose to be fulfilled in her birth. It has taken us several decades to eventually find our way to that purpose. Thanks to our first-born child, Zeba, and her long sojourn in Gilgit, we were led to the proposal for establishing a Centre where handicapped children born in that remote area of Pakistan could be helped to achieve more meaningful lives. It is our fervent hope that, with the resources with which we have been blessed, including the generous support of many friends and relatives, and the unstinting work of a band of selfless people of the Northern Areas, we can develop an institution that could support a program for the education of handicapped people in Gilgit and beyond, an institution that could become a sadaqae-jarriyah (a charity in perpetuity) that would fulfill the purpose for which Mehnaz Fatima came into our lives.